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Plastec always offers 7x24 technical service for companies that it is a solution partner with ... You are guaranteed with Plastec.
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You do not need to wait for a machine for months. We meet your machine orders from our stocks.
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With our large stock of spare parts, your machines will be constantly running. Quick solution without waiting for spare parts in case of need ...
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LK Potenza

The right choice for high standards

High-performance servo pump system enables high precision in production and minimum levels of energy consumption. LK PLASTIC INJECTION MACHINES were awarded in terms of performance-saving tests in tests conducted by China National Quality and Testing Center.


Double plate system for large parts

Forza series double plate machines produced maksimum 1000-3000 tons with rigid clamp structure, wide column spaces, t channel plate and special column shafts meet the customer demands to the maximum extent. Automotive sub-industry, white goods industry, garden furniture manufacturers It is especially preferred by container manufacturers.

LK Lena

When high speeds are required

It guarantees the parallels of the plates. Thanks to mold protection precision extends mold life and energy saving it provides. Mold opening position accuracy increases, low speed mold opening, stability during pusher impact significantly increases.


For multi-colored or different raw material products ...

LK VARIA dual-color multi-color injection machines for automotive, electrical, consumer electronics, utensils, hardware is available in many industries.

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